Monday, June 9, 2014

Teleteria | Jay Servidio | Reviews | Teleteria Inc

You need to check this out Teleteria, the worlds largest provider of custom adult sites founded in 1994 by Jay Servidio celebrates its 20th anniversary. A huge milestone. When the company was originally founded besides creating website packages it also resold long distance for MCI and party talk lines for NY Telephone. Within a few months one of href="">Teleteria< Teleteria's clients called Jay Servidio to ask about a billing company for his web site. Jay made some calls and found a company called Logicom which later became Ibill out of Ft Lauderdale Fl. At that point we took all of our phone clients and offered them custom adult turnkey membership sites and created a feeding frenzy that still exists today, 20 years later. People from all over the world have contacted Jay Servidio and bought web site packages from Teleteria and have remained clients for years. Some of them have built up the memberships of their sites and sold to investors and some have kept them adding more sites and more links each and every month to grow their footprint online. Its such a tremendous growth business like nothing ever seen. The most amazing progression I have seen in my life besides watching my kids grow up has been the progression of an industry from birth on up. I am so lucky to have been there from the very start.